Piper Kessler

Piper Kessler lives in, North Carolina. She is a principal at Velasquez Media and KV Works where she writes, directs, produces and edits sound. She has worked on several independent, corporate and government productions. Production credits include the international award winning documentary Milagros: Made in Mexico, the short films Spin, HooDoo of Sweet Mama Rosa, and Keepsake as well as the web series Frequency. Piper has won awards for her field sound work in various film productions. (IMDB page)


Monique Velasquez

Monique Velasquez shoots and edits in Hi Def & 4K because life is too short not to. When not creating new media Monique helps friends create fabulous art. Monique has an M.F.A. in Cinema and is co-creator of “Frequency” an original series, short films “Remember Me,” “Spin: A short love story” and “Queen of Hearts.” Monique is also dedicated to stories where woman prevail. She is a principal at VelasquezMedia.com and KV Works. (IMDB page)


Marilyn Hays

Marilyn Hays is a noted geek, raconteur, and stand up philosopher who enjoys producing, script supervision, continuity, general PA work, and walks on the beach. In her guise as proprietress of Aero/Nautical Pictures she also writes and directs when she comes up with a story she’d like to tell, like B2F.

She was a drama queen in high school and auditioned for drama scholarships in theater departments ranging in size from UNC to Young Harris College. As a lightly regarded character actor, she landed bit parts and supporting roles in several productions before wising up and changing her major to tech. After completing what her father termed “the grand tour of southern colleges and universities” and removing from her native home in Atlanta to the old North State, Marilyn has enjoyed a long and occasionally lucrative career in engineering and IT. She now wants to put more time into the cinematic arts. (IMDB page)